Coin Master New Events List in 2024

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Coin Master is one of the most Popular Games in the World. Coin Master Game Users Like Events, Ending the on event of this game gives new challenges and amazing rewards.

The List of total Coin Master events is 36. Today Our Team is also Sharing Events List 2023 For Coin Master Fans.

Coin Master New Events List 2023

No.Coin Master Events
1Abra Card-abra Event
2Balloon Fiesta
3Seasonal Blast Event
4Make Any Purchase Event
5Safe Heist
6Dragon Challenge
7Fortune Teller
8Stamp Card
9Team Chest Leagues
10Madness Merchant Event
11Ultra Attack Event
12Treasure Cave
13Foxy Frenzy Event
14Arena of Warriors
15Wild Spins Event
16Bubble Event
17Disco Party Promotion
18Thor Wheel
19Village Mania
20Coin Craze
21Sea of Fortune
22Main Events
23Attack Madness
24Raid Madness
25Village Master
26Bet Blast
27Cards Boom Event
28Golden Trade Event
29Balloon Frenzy
30Viking Quest
31Set Blast
32Gift Master
33Tournament Milestone
35Arcade Master
36Team Castle Event

Coin Master New Events List 2022

No.Event Name List
No.1Disco Party Promotion
No.2Thor Wheel
No.3Village Mania
No.4Coin Craze
No.5Sea of Fortune
No.6Tournament Milestone
No.8Gift Master
No.9Special Events
No.10Attack Madness
No.11Raid Madness
No.12Village Master
No.13Bet Blast
No.14Cards Boom
No.15Gold Card Trade
No.16Balloon Frenzy
No.17Viking Quest

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